Chartering Service

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get to the airport and not have to check in, wait in line, go through invasive security checks, and then rush to your gate only to watch the door close on you? Consider using Wells Aircraft for your next trip. Whether it is for vacation or business, we are able to open up new opportunities you didn’t know were available. By chartering with Wells you will get the very best in flexibility, value, and safety, that this industry has to offer.


  • Departure and arrival times that are based around your schedule.
  • Every flight is a direct flight when you have over 4,000 airports to choose from in the lower 48 states.


  • No more driving for hours on end when you could get there in less than half the time.
  • No more long lines and big crowds.
  • When it comes to your work, or your family, there is nothing more valuable to you than your time.


  • Our professional pilots are highly trained and some of the most experienced in the Midwest.
  • Modern aircraft with advanced technology and numerous safety features will always get you where you need to go.
  • You will never fly without the comfort of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)

Cirrus SR22 Chartering

In order to provide you with the safest and most comfortable experience, we have chosen Cirrus Aircraft to meet your charter needs. The Cirrus SR22 is one of the safest, fastest, most technologically advanced single engine airplanes on the market today. Every Cirrus comes standard with a full airframe parachute system which is just one of many safety features you’ll never travel without. With average speeds of up to 210mph you will never miss a meeting or precious time with your family that we all cherish. Some of the many features of the Cirrus include:

  • Onboard weather
  • XM Radio
  • Terrain awareness System
  • Flight into Known Icing Protection
  • Air conditioning
  • Airbag seatbelts
  • Satellite phone and text
  • UV protected windows with increased visibility
  • Seats for up to 4 passengers

When you fly with Wells, every seat is first class.


Pilot Services

Do you own an aircraft but need a pilot? Wells Aircraft offers pilot services for any model and generation of Cirrus Aircraft which includes the SF50 Vision Jet. Our pilots are among the safest and most experienced in the Cirrus community. We treat your airplane as if it were our own and will always provide you with the highest quality of service at competitive rates.